#SpecialOffer Dive With Mantas at Nusa Penida

  • Destination:
  • Duration: 1 day

If you don’t want to sit in the car and drive for 4 hours to Menjangan or 2.5 hours to Tulamben and want to be back at your hotel early, then you can consider this special offer as an option.

We will pick you up from your hotel at 7.45 – 8.00 am, and our dive boat,Explorer II will take you to Nusa Penida, an island located 18 Nm east of Sanur in 30 minutes.

Nusa Penida offers some of best diving to be found anywhere. Most of the dive sites around Nusa Penida and its two small sister islands – Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan will be a drift dive and the current can reach more than 4 knots. Upwelling from the deep water south of Bali, keep the visibility in these areas clear, but can also form thermoclines with temperatures dropping down to 22°.

Drift diving and pelagic are the main attraction here and you have a good chance to see jacks, mackerel, tuna, turtle, mantas, and perhaps the most unusual pelagic visitor to Nusa Penida (August – September) is the unique mola-mola or oceanic sunfish, a mysterious large flattened fish with elongated dorsal and vertical fins and a lumpy growth instead of a tail fin.

Our first dive: “MANTA POINT”
This is a lime stone rock off the southwest coast Nusa Penida. The above water scenery is dramatic, lime stone cliffs that descend straight into the ocean. The swell can be so strong, therefore Pro Dive Bali recommends this dive should be done early in the morning, before the wind starts to pick up.

The profile is a slope down and there is no coral at all. Just bare limestone rock. There is no real current in here, just swell. The only reason to dive here is to see the mantas. You may also see other pelagic such as tuna, and tiger mackerel.

Please be aware that if mantas aren’t there, there is nothing else to see, except water, sand, limestone rock and your buddy. This is the place where they usually come to feed, so there is no guarantee you will see them. But if you are lucky you will be surrounded by these pelagic which are 2-4m wide and totally harmless as they eat plankton.

Lunch will be served on board after the first dive. Let us know if you are a vegetarian, or on special diet, then we can cater a special menu for you

Second dive: “CRYSTAL BAY”

Located on the south side of Gamat bay, south west of Nusa Penida there is another bay with rocky island in the middle of it, called Crystal Bay.

Upon entering the bay, you descend directly down to the reef which is 5 – 10 mtr, and this coral reef has a white sandy base, covered with anemones and soft corals. Follow down the slope and the rigth side will be the coral side and the left side will be the sand side. The corals are healthy and alot of morish idol, butterflyfish,surgonfish and many more. And if you lucky, this is a place to see Mola mola or the Sunfish.

Time Activities
07:30 Pick up at your Hotel Lobby, tranfer to Turtle Island
08:30 Arrival at Nusa Penida, Manta Point, known as home of Manta’s for your first dive.
10:00 Lunch time and will be served on board. Let us know if you are a vegetarian, or on a special diet, then we can set a special menu for you .
11:00 Crystal Bay will be our choice for second dive.
13:00 Arrive at Tanjung Sanghyang Beach,Nusa Lembongan, time for you to relaxing, sight seeing, walk around the island or just lying in the sun!!! Sea conditions apply.
14:00 Departs Nusa Lembongan.
14:30 Arrive at Turtle Island and PRO DIVE Bali bus will transfer you to your hotel.


Click here special rate for online booking Guarantee departure every Monday, Wednesday and Friday even if you are a single diver.

What is Included in this Special offer ?

  • Tanks and weight belt for 2 dives
  • use of all dive equipment.
  • Sea and land  transportation
  • Lunch and refreshment
  • PRO DIVE Bali Divemaster or Instructors as a dive guide
  • Comprehensive Dive Insurance

*Please contact Erna if you have any questions about this package.
*Please note; this special offer is for certified diver only,
*For non certified diver, we offer The Introduction to dive for US $ 150/person, please Please contact Erna the itinerary for the Introduction to dive program,
or confirmed by Erna
*Please note; Manta point and crystal bay is located in the south side of Nusa Penida in the Indian Ocean, Here, sometimes the sea condition is not suitable for scuba diving. If the condition is not suitable to scuba dive, we will take you to the north side (SD point,Ped,Toya Pakeh,Lembongan point) and NO refund will be provided for such a alternate location or for such a unused dive (if you made a decision not to scuba dive )