#SpecialOffer; PADI Open water course, 2 night stay in Tulamben

  • Destination:
  • Duration: 3 days

Learn to Dive PADI Open Water Course in Bali with PRO DIVE Bali : Mates rates, 2 nights stay in Tulamben.

Learning to Scuba Dive in Bali has never been more convenient!

Whether you’re on the go or want to take it slow, now you can complete the knowledge development portion of the PADI Open Water Diver course with our online PADI manual. It’s a great match for your active schedule.

In this #Special Offer, Learn to dive in Bali with PRO DIVE Bali, you will be staying 2 nights in Tulamben. The advantage is, that you will be more relax in your learning, not too tiring on road ( because you’re staying in our accommodation in Tulamben) scuba dive in a world class dive destination;The USS Liberty wreck in warm, clear water, enjoying Bali’s beautiful and spectacular under water scenery.

Your itineraries for Open Water Course :

Day 1

Pick up at your hotel lobby at 07.30, depending in where are you staying in Bali, drive to Tulamben. The journey to Tulamben will take approximately 2.5 hours drive, please don’t forget to bring your camera along, as we will travel through Bali’s beautiful country side, including many villages, rice terraces, magnificent coastline and of course the highest volcano in Bali , Mount Agung !

We will of course be more than happy to stop for photos should you wish and answer any questions you may have about our Balinese culture or scenery along the way.

Once we’ve arrived in our own accommodation in Tulamben, check in, there is time to relax, have a coffee or tea, then we heading to our swimming pool in our accommodation for confined water session. You need to complete the online theory, prior our confined water session. When you make the online booking, we will send you the passkey of your online material for you to study independently.

You’ll be staying overnight at our accommodation in Tulamben.

Day 2

Wake up in the morning, fresh air, if you interested in seeing the sunrise, the best place is up in the top of drop off wall. We will serve you breakfast, coffee or tea in the morning.
Your first open water dive will be at the Tulamben slope and it will be a pleasure dive, clear water, with so many fishes and colorful coral. Maximum depth will be 12 meters.

Your second dive will be at coral garden, where you will see lot of fishes and coral.

We will stay overnight at our accommodation in Tulamben.

Day 3

There is choices; early morning dive. The plan is dive in the morning, breakfast and dive again. Or on your schedule. This will be the dive number 3 on your PADI Open Water Course. We will explore the USS Liberty wreck., where you will come across just about everything in any Indo-Pacific reef guide book. From the minute angel fish, nudibranches, pipe fish, goby through to the areas of garden eels, sweet lips, bat fish, butterfly fish, then add invertebrates, the hard coral, black corals, sponges with crinoids, sea fans, make this variety unique and amazing.

The next dive, which is your dive number 4, we will exploring the wreck again, but from different angel with maximum depth on those dives will be 18 meters.

Have shower, pack your bags, check out the hotel, meet your PRO DIVE Instructor at the restaurant, fill up your log book and…. Congratulation!!! You are a PADI Open water diver now.

Leave Tulamben and we will transfer you to your own accommodation in south Bali.

Why PADI Open Water Course?

Scuba diving is fun, safe and easy to learn, so why not take time to experience your PADI OPEN WATER COURSE with PRO DIVE Bali, in warm, clear water enjoying Bali’s beautiful and spectacular under water scenery.

You can learn to scuba dive in just 3 – 4 days. Our Open Water Diver programs are your passport into the underwater world. Successful completion of the program rewards you with the internationally recognized PADI scuba diving license giving you access to some of the best dive sites in the world.

This is also your first step to a rewarding lifestyle of sun, sea and sand!

And of course, going places, meeting people and enjoy doing things together 🙂

What do I need to start?

Virtually anyone who is in good health, reasonably fit, and comfortable in the water can earn the PADI Open Water Diver certification. Minimum 10 years of age for Junior Open Water and 15 years for Open Water Diver and have a couple of photo’s taken for your C-card, but don’t worry, this can be arrange at PRO DIVE Bali. The digital Era.

When can I start?
You can start now!!!! Just email us and make a booking, we will send you the passkey of your PADI digital open water manual. You will have another way to begin independent study, any time, any day, anywhere.Once you’ve arrived in Bali, you’re ready for the confined water session and the open water dive. No more class room, just dive! By doing this, instead 4 days, the course can be completed in 3 days. Save time and explore Bali,or dive more.

So, what are you waiting for,…?

Start my PADI Open water course now !!!

How long will the PADI Open water course take?
Our programs are performance based. You proceed as you demonstrate your development of the course skills – this allows you to work at a pace that is comfortable for you. Typically the program will take 3 to 4 days.

What will I do?
You’ll learn about the fundamentals of scuba diving including dive equipment,dive techniques and dive safety. You earn this rating by completing class sessions (optional online study) and pool dives followed by 4 open water (ocean) dives.

How much does it cost?
IDR 4.500.000 / person.

I am traveling by myself, and interested in doing my PADI open water course. how much will be the cost for me ?
If you only 1 person, the cost will be the same, USD 340. Remember, in this #SpecialOffer, the PADI Open water course starts every Tuesday and Friday.
Once you’ve made your booking, we will email you the passkey of your digital open water manual for your online study.

What is included in my fees?

  • PADI Open Water Manual ( Digital version )
  • Your own Log book
  • PADI certification fees
  • PADI Instructor professional fees
  • Sea/land transportation
  • Four ocean dives
  • Pool entry fees
  • Use of all dive equipment
  • 2 nights stay in our accommodation (aircond, hot water, 2 people in the room, breakfast) at Tulamben
  • Lunch and refreshments on your open water dives

How many PADI Open water students in our group?
We limit our PADI Open water students by 4 students per 1 PADI Instructor. Therefore, the instructor can be more focus with your progress. Don’t forget to ask questions during the course.

Will I be fail?
The PADI system are performance based. You proceed as you demonstrate your development of the course skills requirement – this allows you to work at a pace that is comfortable for you. If you in good health, reasonably fit, and comfortable in the water, has a commitment to learn something new (as you will be in different world, the underwater world) then, you will not fail.

I want to have my picture taken during my open water dive, do you have underwater camera for hire?
Yes, we do have underwater camera and cost for hire is IDR 300.000 / day.

Can I upgrade my room to the air condition room and what is the option?
We have our own accommodation in Tulamben. The room has air condition,hot water and open air shower. If our room is full, we will send you to different accommodation, and if you want to upgrade to the air condition, will cost you extra IDR 300.000/ room. That’s why, book early and save!

What should I do to make a booking?
Just click the Booking Button below. If you have any difficulty with the online booking, you can send us and email and please mention this special offer. Alternatively, you can call or text or Whats app Erna at +62 81 338 70 4422, Putu at +62 81 338 74 9000.

What about the payment?
You can pay us online, simply by clicking the ONLINE BOOKING prior your course and we will email you the passkey to start your online study. Live is easy.

I have problem with the internet connection to make an online booking. what should I do to get this offer?
You can drop us an email :Erna and don’t forget to mention this offer.

I made my online booking, but haven’t got any reply from you guys. what should I do ?
Please check your spam folder. If there is no email from PRO DIVE Bali, please email us again or call
or text or Whats app Erna at +62 81 338 70 4422, Putu at +62 81 338 74 9000.

I have the internet connection problem, and I think, I press the payment button twice or more. what should I do ?
Don’t panic !. Contact your credit card center and ask for the statement of transaction. And then contact Erna for double check. If there is double or more transaction in our account, we will refund your money. we will keep the payment that you confirmed only.

More detail, suggestion or change the itineraries to suit my need?
Contact :Erna if you need more information or to make a booking!

*This Course start every Tuesday and Friday. Check for the availability.