The South Bali

The coral and fish life is not that exceptional compared to the other dive sites around Bali. But if you are a busy executive, or you might not have been in the water for 2 years, or you don’t want to leave your family in the hotel for a whole day … why don’t you try these dive sites. After all, the diving is easy and relaxing, a bit of nitrogen in the blood, a bit time with the coral and fishes, why not??? It’s not Bali’s best reef but this is Bali Hai’s best reef.

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The recommended site to dive in Sanur and Nusa Dua

scuba dive  at Nusa dua

Batu Gede

Located at the north of Nusa dua, the reef strech from the entrance of the Benoa hourbor to the right toward Nusa dua.

You will begin the dive decending to the depth of 5 meter with the flat white sandy bottom. Just follow the edge of the reef and you will find the big bommies, that is way they called this dive site, Batu gede or Big rock.

Tropical reef fishes are common in here, such as; Morish idol, Indo tropical surgeon fish, buterfly fish and some time sea turtle will be sighted.

scuba dive  at Nusa dua

Nusa dua reef

This dive site located just in the front of 5 star hotels complex in Nusa dua.

The reef is healthy, as not so many divers dive in this area anymore and lots of reef fishes and sometimes you will be seeing white tip reef shark, barracuda, turtles, and of course napoleon fish.

scuba dive  at Nusa dua

Serangan reef

The reef strech from Sanur toward Nusa dua with the depth start from 5 meters to the max 12 meters.

The dive starts at 5 meters, down to 10 meters. Just follow the reef and sometimes you will be drifting with the mild current and you will see a profusion of soft corals, sponges, and an abundance of gorgonian.

In this reef, you may see white tip shark, sea turtle and off course many kind reef fishes.

PRO DIVE Bali is offering the day dive trip to Nusa dua daily upon request.

The day dive trip include; Pick up and drop off from your hotel in south Bali, Tanks and weightbelt for 2 dives, dive guide, lunch and refreshment during sea dives. Equipment hire is available at USD 15 per day.

Due to the sea condition in the south of Bali, this dive site will not always available. Beware of big wave and surge and a limited visibility due to big wave.

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