Special Offer : Dive the Liberty wreck

Situated on the north east coast, a bay which just like the rest of Bali, is the world’s richest marine biogeographic zone with more than 2500 different species of fish and 700 corals. The bay receives very plankton rich water from the major ocean current that moves from the Pacific to the Indian Ocean or vice versa.

The liberty now lies almost parallel to the beach, the shallowest part of the wreck touches the sandy slope at 7-9 meters and the deepest part is at 28-30 meters which is suitable for all levels of diving qualification and experience.

PRO DIVE Bali will pick you up and drop you off from your *hotel in Bali. The pick up time will vary, depending of your hotel area.

Whether you are a fun diver or amateur with a disposable camera, novice divers and even people that have never dived before you will never forget this once in a lifetime dive holiday.

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Your itinerary for Day dive trips to Tulamben

Time table for dive trips to Tulamben, departs every tuesday, thursday and saturday
07:00 - 08:00 Pick up at your hotel lobby, transfer to Pro Dive for the equipment check. Coffee and tea will be served while you checking the equipment
07:30 - 08:00 Depart to Tulamben. The journey may take 2 - 2.5 hours, please don't forget to bring your camera along, as we will travel through Bali's beautiful country side, including many villages, rice terraces, and magnificent coastline and of course the highest volcano in Bali, Mount Agung.
10:00 - 10:30 Arrive at our Pro Dive Tulamben base, time for a dive briefing, order your lunch prior your first dive, gear set up and ready for your first dive at the USS Liberty.
12:00 - 13:30 Surface interval. Time for lunch, sun bathing, relaxing by our swimming pool, perhaps pamper yourself with a traditional Balinese massage, wow,..:)
13:30 - 13:45 Get ready, gear up for our second dive at the drop off wall Tulamben.
14:30 - 14:45 Shower, have a coffee, tea or a light snack, also don't forget to fill up your log book.
15:00 - 15:15 Time to take you back to your hotel.
17:30 - 18:00 Arrive at your hotel
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Please click here to make the online booking if you are a diver accompanied by a snorkeler.
Please click here to make the online booking if you are a diver accompanied by a traveller

Why PRO DIVE Bali?

I am a certified diver, but I lose or don’t bring my C-card with me. Can I join day dive trip to Tulamben ?
Yes you can. All certified divers can join this Tulamben diving program. If you are a PADI diver, we can help you to check your certification at PADI database.

What should I bring?
Your C-card, sunscreen, camera (land or underwater), swimwear, bit cash if you want to buy Tulamben t-shirt or extra drinks or food. we will provided a beach towel for you to use in your Tulamben dive program.

Is there any place to lock my valuable in Tulamben ?
We have a locker for you to keep your valuable things in Tulamben. Please do not bring in a big amount of cash with you.

Can I bring my friend, who is not a diver, to Tulamben with me ?
For non diver who traveling with a diver to Tulamben, we will charge US $ 25. The price will cover the pick up and drop off, lunch,refreshment,entry ticket to Tulamben, use of our pool, beach towel.
For snorkeling, the price will be US $ 45 includes the pick up and drop off, lunch,refreshment,entry ticket to Tulamben, use of our pool, beach towel, and off course snorkeling gear is supplied.

Is there any guide will supervise the snorkelers ?
We will provide a divemaster to accompany snorkelers in the water. For the people who less comfortable in the water, the flotation devices (life jacket, life ring ) will be provided too.

My friend is not a diver and wanting to dive. can he/she dive with me in Tulamben ?
Sure. If they don’t have a scuba diving certificate yet, or just want to try breathing underwater, discover the beauty of our pristine clear waters and fringing reefs, we can offer an Introduction to Dive program and experience what you’re missing. Family and Kids are welcome too.

What will I do?
In this program, we will be doing the short lecture, followed by in water practice, where you will learn the basic of scuba diving and then discover the new world, which is the underwater world with the Instructor. you will be introduce to the fascinating of the world that you’ll never been before. Maximum depth for this dive is 12 meters.
This program may be credited toward your PADI Open water course.

How much does it cost ?
For one dive is US $ 85 and for 2 dives is US $ 100, includes short lecture,pool or similar to pool condition water practice, use all of dive gear,lunch and refreshment.

I want to have my picture taken during my dive, do you have underwater camera for hire?
Yes, we do have underwater camera and cost for hire is IDR 400.000 / day.

How to make a booking ?
Please click online booking and complete the reservation for Tulamben day trip.

I have problem with the internet connection to make an online booking. what should I do to get this offer?
You can drop us an , email or text or or you may call, text or Chat via WhatsApp to Erna +62 81 338 70 44 22 or Chat via WhatsApp to Putu +62 81 338 74 9000 and don’t forget to mention this offer.

I made my online booking, but haven’t got any reply from you guys. what should I do ?
Please check your spam folder. If there is no email from PRO DIVE Bali, please email us again or call
or text or you may call, text or Chat via WhatsApp to Erna +62 81 338 70 44 22 or Chat via WhatsApp to Putu +62 81 338 74 9000.

I have the internet connection problem, and I think, I press the payment button twice or more. what should I do ?
Contact your credit card center and ask for the statement of transaction. And then contact Erna for double check. If there is double or more transaction in our account, we will refund your money. we will keep the payment that you confirmed only.

Should you require further details, custom packages or to make a booking, we welcome you to contact erna.

* Valid for online booking or confirmed by Erna only,
* This offer is for certifed diver only.
* online booking or confirmed by Erna and get FREE Equipment hire,
* Departure on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday only,
* If the condition in Tulamben is not suitable, we will offer you to dive in different location.